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As applies to myself, the writer:

Backtagging: This is more than welcome. I shall endeavour to keep up my replies until such time as it becomes an interference with later-set interactions. If I am remiss in replying, feel free to bring up the matter with me and I shall attempt to come up with a suitable solution.

Threadjacking: I am fine with this so long as you ask first to make sure neither my thread partner or I am writing a reply at the time.

Breaking the fourth wall: Being that the book Dracula has a specific mention in canon, and Alucard is what you might call a fictionalized historical figure, I am fine with any mention of history as happens in real life or in your character's specific canon, as well as any mention of the book Dracula by Bram Stoker or any of the movies, etc., based on the book. However, the Hellsing manga and its prequel, Hellsing: The Dawn, are off-limits unless they specifically exist in your character's canon.

When you might expect me to break the fourth wall: Walter knows the Dracula novel well. He is also suggested to have familiarity with Dune, and to some degree a familiarity with Star Wars (this being limited to works established prior to fall of 1999). Other canons given an appearance in the manga are Twin Peaks (a miniseries), The Jackal (a movie, by inference), Die Hard (a movie), Armageddon (a movie), The Fifth Element (a movie, by an image), The Day of the Jackal (a movie), The Dogs of War (a movie), and The Odessa File (a movie). Twin Peaks and Dune are given an appearance in Seras Victoria's dream after having received a weapon called the "Harkonnen" from Walter, and the rest appear in one of Alucard's dreams some time after having received a gun named the "Jackal" from Walter.

Offensive subjects: Hellsing is one of those stories that has a lot of offensive things in it. There are rapes and talks of attempted rape, talk of attempted defiling of the dead, people getting shot up, cut apart, torn apart, and having their throats chewed open. Not even the children are safe. Basically, it's war and all the grandiose and horrible things that come with it, with the supernatural thrown into the mix. And to top it all off there's a Protestant (Anglican/Church of England) vs. Catholic religious dynamic that is overtly simmering through much of the story. The corruption of the Vatican/Catholic Church plays a key role in the story, so it is apt to come up at some point or another. While I do not have a problem writing material involving these topics, if you do have an issue with any of these subjects I encourage you to leave a comment on this page to inform me of such potential problems before they have a chance to turn into an issue.

As applies to Walter, the character I play:

Friendly Interactions:

Befriending: This may prove somewhat difficult, but your character is more than welcome to try.
Hugging: Go for it. Walter will be markedly uncomfortable and attempt to extract himself.
Kissing: Innocent pecks are okay by me, but Walter will be uncomfortable, if not outright flustered. As with hugging, he will try to end the interaction as soon as possible.
Blood-drinking: Only with vampires he is close with will he agree to feed them with his own blood. He will not allow your character to bite.

Romantic/Sexual Interactions:

Flirting: This is okay by me, but the flirting will probably be one-sided.
Touching: Your character can try, but Walter will not accept this sort of attention from a stranger and it can lead to an argument or physical confrontation.
Kissing: Same as to touching, your character may attempt this at their own risk.
Romantic Relationships: I do not foresee this coming up (he's old, difficult to get close to, and has no indication of having had a romantic relationship in canon) and I'm of the opinion that his tastes are picky, but if you are still interested, ask and I will give you a yea or nay. Any sort of relationship will have to be gradually built up to; no short-cuts.
Sex: It's something of a hidden canon fact that Walter is still a virgin (you have to look for it to see it). In short, he's essentially asexual (it's even hinted that he interfered with his former master's attempts to engage with prostitutes in his youth). Only if he has an established romantic partner will he consider such a thing. A firmly established romantic partner. In other words, it's probably not going to happen.

Antagonistic/Aggressive Interactions:

Arguing: I'm up for this any time. Consider the permission given.
Fighting/Injuring/Maiming/Killing: Fight scenes are something I'd rather plot out beforehand. Contact me if you want to get into a fight with my character. I will pay you the same courtesy.
Mind/Body Control: I am less inclined to do this, but if you have a character that is skilled in this and want to try it, contact me and ask first. I might consider it if I can get a good plot/ good CR from it.
Torturing: If it gets to the point where your character manages to capture Walter, you can do this. However, if torture focusing on long-term damage comes into play, whether physical or psychological, contact me first and ask. In the event Walter captures your character and wishes to interrogate them, he leans to physical torture of the beating variety and may progress to using his wires. If this or anything beyond it is a potential for your character's future, I will contact you beforehand.
Rape: No. I will not consent to have my character raped, nor will I seek your consent to have your character be the victim of mine in this manner. Only in the instance that someone needs rescuing or sympathy will I consider interactions in this subject area, but you must obtain my permission first.
Forced Blood-drinking: As a former trashman for Hellsing (a vampire hunter, in other words), it is possible he can end up in this situation if he ends up over his head in a fight. Ask me first, though.
Insulting/threatening/attacking his little girl Integra: Naturally, you'll have to take that up with whoever is playing Integra, but Walter definitely will not be happy about it. If it comes to attacking, you can expect him to step in and defend her. And possibly slaughter the person attacking her as well.

Other Interactions:

Mind Reading: I'd like you to ask me first, and from there if there is further interaction, I may give you extended permission depending on the sort of dynamic our characters develop.

Trashing his room/home/abode: Go right ahead. He dealt with a particularly messy master in his earlier years. But don't expect for your character to get away with it. He'll plot on some way to get even with them.
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