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2014-05-28 09:01 am
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OOC Contact

Have any comments on how I play Walter? Feel free to leave your compliments, suggestions, or constructive criticism here. Please keep in mind that I play the manga version of Walter; not the OVA version. Yes, there are a few differences between the two.

Player Status: Icon-making and canon-reviewing.

Canon-review status:
Interim flashbacks: FINISHED
Hellsing: In Progress; up to Volume 2

Anticipated Canon Points of Use:
Most Preferred: Volume 4, Order 3 "Age of Empire 2" (= Chapter 21?)
This is the canon point in which Alucard calls back to Hellsing HQ from the town of St. Rose following the Rio incident.

Next Best: Volume 5, Order 3 "D5" timewise, Order 4 "D6" for purposes of including the flashback (= Chapter 30/31?)
This is the canon point in which Hellsing acquires the EXP14L-E (the retired and modified SR-71).

Least Preferred: Volume 6, Order 2 "Final Fantasy 4" (= Chapter 39?)
This is the canon point in which Walter has instructed Integra to drive away in anticipation of a fight with the Captain, from whom he cannot protect her. This is the point immediately before his capture by Millennium.